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tv   Fox Morning News at 6  FOX  August 31, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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now it integrates your work e-mail, so you can be hooked up to everything you need to do. now it does 1 ghz speed on a more intuitive keyboard. turning you into an instrument of efficiency. introducing the new droid 2 by motorola. part of the next generation of does. hurricane earl is affecting the east coast this morning. we'll take a look at how everybody is getting ready. fox 5 morning news continues now at 6:00. we start to see a little bit of daylight on this tuesday morning. good morning.
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thank you for waking one fox 5 morning news. a steve chenevey. >> i'm gurvir dhindsa. we'll begin with an update on earl which could make its way to the east coast this week with 135-mile an hour winds. the category four storm already battered tiny islands across the northeastern caribbean causing flooding in low-lying areas damaging homes and also threatening mudslides. the national hurricane center says even a tiny change of direction could alter whether that storm even makes landfall in the united states. so that is something we are keeping a very close watch on. like they said, this way or this way -- >> they call it the cone of uncertainty t can vary 200 miles four to five days out. that is the time frame when it will lower eastern shore and the lower east coast. let's go to vipir. i can show it to you very quickly. you can see the lines coming out of the storm. that is the computer models. can you see they are indicating generally a direction off to the north and west towards the carolinas over the next couple
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of days. very impressive hurricane. you mentioned it was a major hurricane 150 miles north of san juan, puerto rico where they continue to get very heavy rain up to a foot of rain in puerto rico. more on earl. let's get to local weather. we are waking up with fairly comfortable conditions. here in washington, 7 # degrees but lots of 60s. winds are out of the north at three miles per hour. -- here in washington, 72 degrees. as we get into the weekend and early next week, our highs will only be in the low 1r0. if you love the summertime weather, get out and enjoy today. -- next week, our highs will only be in the low 80s. let's get to traffic with lauren demarco. >> we have delays on the camden line of marc train southbound 25 to 30-minute delays right now. out there on the roads, we have an accident reported on the beltway on the outer loop,
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montgomery county just past 270. let's take a live look. the scene here is west of connecticut avenue so before 355. right here, things are looking good. traveling 95 and 395 in virginia, very nice trip up northbound. your hov lanes and main lanes are running at speed at this point. 66 starting to see some slow traffic inbound from route 50 past fair oakdz to 123. 270 slows out of hyattstown. between 270 and 355 on ridge road, we have police activity right at observation drive. they are asking that you avoid that area. if you do come bonn it, follow police direction to get around it. we've been talking about hurricane earl and the effects already are being felt up and down the east coast. we have a warning if you are headed to virginia beach for labor day weekend. >> swimmers there should be aware of rougher than normal
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waters for virginia beach. officials think earl will show its effects there and in norfolk as early as thursday. >> earl could kick up dangerous rip currents just like hillary -- just like hillary hurricane danielle did. north carolina is getting ready for hurricane earl. the coast guard is getting ready to keep the boats in the water in case the storm makes landfall. crews will set up a 24-hour command center. the american red cross keeping an eye on earl's path. september is national preparedness month and the organization says the storm is the perfect example of the need to make sure that you have an emergency preparedness kit and a plan ready to go. for a complete list of what that kit should have, go to and look under web links. a 9-year-old girl was hit
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and killed while riding her bicycle in fairfax county. it happened about 4:30 yesterday afternoon on franconia road near cannen in lane. police say the girl was wearing a helmet and was crossing the road when she was hit by an 80- year-old driver. two of her friends had just crossed the road on their bikes when this happened. the driver did stay on the scene. customers let pepco have it for the first time since summer storms left them in the dark for days. the meeting began with elected officials and then some angry customers took their turn. some lived without power for nearly a week this summer. >> we cannot rely on pepco to fix these problems on its own. pepco has had abundant opportunities to demonstrate results and it has failed. >> the frequency of the outages is not only frustrating but has a much more serious impact upon the elderly who rely on the electricity to keep their medications, insulin, et cetera in the refrigerators, not to mention those would use oxygen.
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>> what you hear are people would are frustrated, businesses that have suffered and a county that has simply had it. >> pepco's president says the company has already launched a new initiative to make sure fewer customers lose power in the future and if they do, it is restored faster. looks luke a lot of people will be taking advantage of the first everle early voting for i t -- for the first ever early voting in the district. more polling stations will open this weekend. mark your calendar if a fox 5 event friday. mayor fenty and challenger vincent gray will face off if a live televised debate. it will be this friday on fox 5 starting at 9:00 a.m. another big story we are following today. tonight, president obama will officially announce the end of combat operations in iraq. this comes after more than seven years at war. 50,000 troops remain on the ground to train iraqi security forces.
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the president wants them to leave iraq sometime next year. we'll carry the president's speech tonight live on fox 5. it begins at #:00 and we'll also be streaming it live on coming up next, suspicious items and a last-minute change of plans tip off authorities to what some reports are saying was a trial run for a terror attack. the salmonella cases are scary enough. wait until you hear what investigators found at the egg farm believed to be behind the outbreak. we'll take a break and come right back. when the stage is set.
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federal officials refusing to comment on reports that two men held by police in the nether land were on a dry run for a terrorist attack. suspicious items in their luggage tipped off the f.b.i. they found $7,000 in cash, a box cutter, three large knives, a cell phone taped to a men toe business monthly bottle and three more cell phones taped
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together. dutch prosecutors are questioning the two this morning. one of the men has a michigan address and they are reportedly all from yemen. we are getting new information on what the fda found at the two egg farms connected to those tainted egg. investigators found mice, rats, seeping manure and maggots. chickens had to walk over a pile of manure eight feet high. other violations clue aclu holes in walls and more problems that could have caused the salmonella outbreak that made 1500 people ill. coming up nexting, hurricane earl continuing to grow stronger this morning and potentially in a path for the east coast. >> tucker has the latest path on the storm. we'll check in with lauren demarco for another check of the morning commute when fox 5 morning news continues on the other side of the break. [ girl ] bye mom! bye sweetie! you'll do great.
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welcome back. we'll get another check on the forecast from tucker this morning. >> we've got mild conditions outside right now but once again, it will albright hot one later this afternoon with highs in the mid-90s. i thought of you yesterday afternoon, gurvir immentioned yesterday there would only be one or two clouds in the sky. did you happen to note ?is. >> i forgot. i should have counted for you. >> there were no clouds in the sky yesterday. i look giant food and you did think of me. >> i'm like i'm going to text gurvir right now. there are no clouds in the sky. repeat performance today. going to be a nice afternoon after a cool start. 63degrees in gaithersburg. manassas, 63. fredericksburg, good morning, 68 for you. 62348 quantico. 71 in annapolis. don't get used to these temperatures. we'll jump once again. we'll be well into the 70s and even some low 80s with eventual high temperatures once again back into the middle 90s. so if you like the hot weather, we have a couple more days of it and then a big cool downas
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we get towards the weekend. satellite-radar, here in washington, we are very quiet. cloud cover way out to the west, west of chicago. it has to go up and over our area of high pressure. that means we'll stay high and dry here for the next couple of days with temperatures each afternoon topping out in the 90s. eventually, this area of high pressure is going to break down as a frontal system approaches from the west and earl approaches from the south and east. let's get to earl. give you the latest. maximum winds 135 miles per hour. that makes it a category four hurricane with gusts to about 160. can you see the little tiny eye right there. that indicates a very strong hurricane. currently undergoing what we call an eye wall replacement cycle. that means the wall around the eye here getting replaced. it is not likely to intensify a whole lot here during the next 12 to 4 hours. once it gets going into the very warm water here to the east of the bahamas, it will likely keep its intensity if not get a little stronger over the next 4 to 36 hours. here is earl pushing off to the west-northwest at about 13 miles per hour.
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the reason we are concerned about it is look how close it is forecast to track towards cape hatteras and off the delmarva peninsula. very close here. this might be 50, 100 miles offshore. so when you are talking about a major hurricane that close to a coastline, we'll have a lot of problems with eight least tropical storm force winds if not hurricane-force winds and a lot of storm surge here. timing on this one will be late in the day on thursday into friday morning before it accelerates and really pushing up towards northern new england and eventually the canadian maritimes. we'll continue to monitor earl. that will be a big concern for us in a couple of days. forecast later today, lots of heat. the code red air quality. next couple of days, bright sunshine with high temperatures each afternoon into the middle 90s. overnight lows upper 60s near 70. by thursday and friday, we cloud up. that is associated with earl. notice on saturday, daytime highs only in the low 80s. cold front gets through here
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friday night as it pushes earl out to sea. let's look at the forecast and get to on-time traffic and lauren demark hoe has the late jee. we do have the accident on the beltway on the outer loop just before 270. it is off to the right shoulder. not causing much of a delay right now but definitely something to watch out for. let's take a live look out there. beltway at old georgetown road. can you see as you head on the outer loop, left of your screen down towards river road and the american legion bridge right here, everything is running at speed. sky fox is flying over 270. southbound, we are starting to see some roll yum and delays build out of germantown i think down past 370 continuing towards falls road. the police activity that we had been talking about on ridge road between 270 and # 55 has cleared out. everything there has been reopened. 66 eastbound, you will find volume building and things starting to slow as you leave route 50 fair oaks. you are looking back up to speed once you get past nutley
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street approaching the beltway. you do want to watch for the new traffic patterns there, lanes shifting to the right. summer is winding down and here is your chance to see a big show to sort of round out summer out at jiffy lube live. this is this show is thursday night. it is jimmy buffett and you have the chance to win tickets to that show thursday night. you from v. to correctly answer the trivia question on your screen to win. to enter, go it our web site, the contest is on our entertainment page. you have until 10:00 this morning to enter. can you read all the contest rules there too. you do have to be at least 18 years old. five wins are will be selected by random drawing today. the prize of a pair of tickets is provided by live nation entertainment. >> good luck. hope you win. hope you have a good time. our business beat is coming up next.
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welcome back. topping our business beat, have you noticed more credit card offers in your mailbox? banks are ramping up their marketing after a lull lastier. there are a number of reasons why. banks are getting more comfortable with the credit card reform laws and conners are paying down their debts. americans are spending more of awhat they make but the savings rate is falling. let's get a look at the markets with chris cotter. i'm he guessing august is not going to go down as one our better months, chris. >> yeah. august is not a banner month
6:24 am
for the bulls. that is for sure, steve. we are down about 4.5% on the dow and the s&p for for the month of august. much more on the nasdaq. tech-heavy nasdaq down 6% for the month. we have one trading day left. our futures are negative. too much nervousness, too much caution for any of the bulls to get behind this market. you may see a day or two positive this week. >> what are we hearing from the commerce department on spending and saving. >> here is what they told us. it was an interesting month of july. we have to go back one month in arrears. you have a month where we spent a little bit more than we expected in july which is very good but we made a little bit less in the month of july. that is a little bit strange. we spent more, we made less and it make since then that we
6:25 am
would have to dip into the savings to spend that additional money. that is a good thing. we had gotten our savings up to a number that many exists would think is too high. we came in at 5.9% in july. that is much higher than the 2.1% that we were saving just before the recession hit back in 2007. that was too low. so we need to kind of find a middle ground there, steve, to be really in a sweet spot in our economy. or at least we are heading in the right direction. we are saving a little less and we are more count confident that we can go out and spend some of that money. >> interesting. we'll keep an eye on it. here is to a good september as we get started to kick off that >> you got it. >> thank you, chris. we are watching hurricane earl. the storm swept through the caribbean yesterday leaving about hind some damage. this more than, it is growing stronger. a category four storm. it could be on a path for the east coast. tucker has the latest on storm's track when we come back. later this hour, we'll talk live with folks at the national
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hurricane center to get an even better idea as to what is happening out in the atlantic. 
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we are back now coming up on 6:30 and all eyes are on hurricane earls it it continues to what could be a track to the east coast. along the jersey shore, lifeguards are warning beachgoers to stay off the beaches. i was talking to someone who has plans to be on the outer banks this weekend. that will be the wrong spot to be. >> the prime time for that area would be thursday into friday morning. earl will start accelerating as it gets farther north in latitude. so moving right now off to the
6:30 am
north and west. that will probably pick up to about 15 to 20 miles per hour. it will actually quiet down for the weekend, even the lower eastern shore. much of the weekend will be quiet once we get through the friday time period. >> okay. >> we are dealing with people going back to cool and a lot of heat here. >> what does that mean? >> that means the buses are rolling. >> so is the bus stop forecast. you head to the bus stop. sunshine and quiet conditions here. low 70s in town. 60s off to the north and west. should be a fine day. sunrise in about five minutes. around here, generally 60s outside the beltway. 63 out at dulles. 64 in baltimore. 65 for new winchester. 65 this morning in ocean city. don't get used to these relatively cool temperatures. we'll heat up again with highs later this afternoon right back into the middle 90s. yesterday, we were 96. today, 95. i'm not sure you'll feel the difference there.
6:31 am
96 in waldorf. 97 in fredericksburg. the heat wave continues into the middle of the week. will wl have more details on our forecast and we'll take a closer look at earl in a couple of minutes. >> sounds good. thank you. let's check in with lauren with a look at traffic. >> we do have an accident reported on route other in maryland. it is westbound near 197. reportedly involving a tractor- trailer. right lane is blocked. you want to stay to the left. sky fox is heading to the scene. hope we will have that for you in the next report. traveling the beltway in montgomery county, you will find delays from 95 and sledge college park heading around towards silver spring. we'll take a live look at the cameras there at colesville road. after connecticut avenue, the pace does pick up but you want to watch for an accident on the outer loop at 270 on the right shoulder. in virginia, pretty nice ride up 95. we do have some brief delays
6:32 am
heading into newington. we do have an accident on the gw parkway southbound at bellhaven. a developing story involving hurricane earl. as the storm continues to rip through the caribbean and it is now eyeing the east coast. >> sarah simmons is joining us with more on earl. >> reporter: good morning. earl has already done significant damage in the caribbean hitting some of the islands, knocking over power lines an also damaging some homes. and early is expected to hit or be close to the east coast later on this week. the hurricane cent he were says earl could kick up some dangerous rip current as well just like hurricane danielle did in ocean city last weekend. that is where 2-year-old malkase delgado has been missing since saturday when he went into the water to rescue friends who got caught in the tide. search and rescue crews had to stop looking for him and
6:33 am
delgado is presumed dead. it gives you an idea how dangerous the riptides can be. a warning also for those in virginia beach. swims are there should be aware of rougher than normal waters because of hurricane earl. so far, everything at virginia beach is fine but officials believe earl will show its effects there and in norfolk as soon as this thursday. also, the american red cross is really keeping a close eye on hurricane earl's path as well. it just so happens they say september is national preparedness month and the organization says the storm is a perfect example of the need to make sure you have an emergency kit and a plan ready to go. now, we also have a list of what you need inside that kit exactly when it comes to later on this week. can you head on there is a link there under web links. back to you. >> thank you. hurricane earl could change your labor day weekend plans but for now, aaa says the number of people planning to leave town is up nearly 9%
6:34 am
compared to this time last year. more than 70,000 people are expected to leave the tease area. more than 30,000 people plan it fly to their vacation destination over the long holiday weekend. >> the national transportation safety board is investigating a dramatic uncrease at the number of close calls at airports across the nation. in the skies over d.c., more than 45 incidents have been reported so far this year. two of those incidents put nearly 600 passengers at risk. the faa sent in a safety review team to explore why so many alarms are going off warning of potential midair collisions. some inside ares say the problem is a new program that allows air traffic controls to report their own errors without fear of retribution. the faa will be conducting another check in october. police are investigating an tax at a metro station a graduate student says a group of teens jumped him unprovoked when he was alone on the platform. bob barnard has more. >> they didn't take anything. they had me on the ground p they could have hurt me if they wanted to. >> reporter: he is a 2-year-old
6:35 am
catholic university grad school student from ohio attacked by a group of kids after getting off a train at the brooklyn metro station early sunday morning. >> some kids jump in my face and make some noise and trying to scare me. >> reporter: we've agreed to protect his identity because he is a crime victim. >> i let them know that i know they're following me and i just continue walking. some of them come up. one of them comes up, takes me down like this and una on the ground and that's it. i get up and go like this and i walk away. >> reporter: he says the crime, called a simple assault, was witnessed by people at the bus stop. >> we have had some incidents recently where there has been juvenile disorder involved. >> metro transit police captain leslie campbell. >> we'll make sure that we address this issue at the brooklyn station by looking at the crime trends, having more officers patrolling that area. >> reporter: our instruct tim says there was one metro supervisor at the station sunday morning. >> there were kids jumping the
6:36 am
fare gate. some kid knocked the sign down in the station. the person on duty was just kind of -- she was like not happy about it at all. what can she do? one person, dozens of kids. >> reporter: their antics may have been captured by surveillance kal raes. he says he has been surprised by the reaction to the story iput this on forums an people respond wadelet more intensity than i would have ever thought. >> reporter: he hopes by coming forward, the attention might scare the kids straight. >> even though i'm he fine. who knows what will happen next time. >> reporter: police say the victim did the right thing by not fighting back and reporting the crime. metro has some crime prevention tips op its web site. we can ink had you there from ours, in northeast washington, bob barnard, fox 5 news. a 9-year-old girl was hit
6:37 am
and killed while she was riding ore bicycle yesterday afternoon on franconia road near can phone lane. police say the girl was wearing a helmet and was crossing the road when she was hit by an 80- year-old driver. two of her friends had one of the crossed the road on their bicycles when this happened. the driver stayed on the scene. >> the first ever early voting for a primary in the district now under way. about 1100 people cast their vote at the board of elects in northwest yesterday. about 0% of all the ballots are expected to be cast before the september 14th primary date. more polling stayings will open this weekend. the election marks the debut of new voting equipment and the first time that new voters can register at polling places the same day they cast a vote. coming up on friday more than, mayor fenty and challenger vincent gray will face off with for a live televised debate for the entire 9:00 a.m. hour of fox 5 morning news. now today race for d.c. council chair, a "washington post" poll shows kwame drown brown shows a manning lead over
6:38 am
vincent orange. the survey shows democrats support brown 47% to orange's 25%. 22% are still undecided. back to our big story, hurricane earl. >> it is a busy morning at the national hurricane center. coming up next, we'll talk with the hurricane center live for a look at the storm's latest path. s,rc
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president obama will officially announce the independent of the combat anything in iraq tonight, more than seven years after the war started. 50,000 troops remain on the ground to train iraqi security forces. the president wants them to leave iraq next year. we'll carry tonight's speech live starting at 8:00 tonight. we'll stream it live as well on
6:42 am the big story making headlines this morning is hurricane earl. still far away from us this morning but emergency crews along the east coast are taking the storm very seriously n north carolina, the coast guard is working to set up a 24-hour command center. let's go live now to john cangelosi who is the hurricane expert in miami. good morning. >> good morning. >> are we getting a better idea which direction the storm may head. >> we are get august better idea little by little. it is moving northwestward at about 13 miles per hour. here is latest on the storm right now. it's category four. maximum sustained winds are 135 miles per hour and moving to the west-northwest at 13 miles per hour. our latest thinking is it will
6:43 am
be tracking to the northwest and eventually turn toward the north. likely going to make its closest point of approach to the carolinas thursday night and then turn more toward the northeast. offshore of the mid-atlantic and offshore of new england, still, again, a little too soon to say and pinpoint where the center will go, if it will make landfall or just stay offshore. our best thinking, it will stay offshore at this point but we can't say that with a great amount of certainty just yet. >> john, i guess really a few miles in one direction or the other makes a huge impact. >> it absolutely does inform it stays offshore like we're forecasting, probably the biggest he can from the carolinas northward will be large swells and rip currents at the beaches. certainly, there will be some wind impact but that will probably be more of a secondary type effect. if it does go closer, we g abou hurricane conditions at the coastline. a little too soon to say just yet. we want to see early make its
6:44 am
northward turn and we'll probably be able to get a little bit better picture. >> it looks like we have a threat of even tropical force winds as far west as washington d.c. 20 to 30% chance. what do you think about that? good chance? >> certainly there is a chance. one other thing with earl, as it gains latitude and moves up to the coast, the overall wind field will grow in size. for tropical storm conditions, that is certainly possible. when you get 20 to 30% think that an indication that it is certainly plausible. i bet you those numbers go up. as we get closer in the approach and if the forecast reasoning stays the same, the numbers may go up even further. >> real quick question for you. fresh in a lot of memories of washingtonian is is tropical storm isabelle which came through in 2003. that tracked west of the washington area. the thinking now is this one should stay east of us, right?
6:45 am
>> what is probably going to keep it east of you guys is there is what we call a trough in the atmosphere that is a dip in the jet stream that is already present over the western united states. that will be moving east. in this case, it will allow it to eventually start to turn northeastward rather than come up straight from south to north. >> you talked about knowing more after it makes its turn. what do we expect that to happen? we are we are forecasting that for later on wednesday night. it should be near the carolina coast for thursday night. for the d.c. area up to the northeast, by probably during the day wednesday, wednesday night, we'll have a better indication of how close it may get. >> all right. john, along the lower eastern shore, what kind of storm surge can we be looking at the at the ocean beaches in owe someone city. >> that is highly dependent on where the storm track. if the center moves to the east, then the storm surge will
6:46 am
not be that great. the win would be mainly to the north for the strongest. that won't generate a significant surge there. if the center does happen to would be until a little bit inland, then it could be a significant surge. swells and rip currents are almost certainly at this point. >> we had that problem already with danielle along the beaches here in maryland. john, thank you so much. i know we'll be checking back in with you over the next day or so. we appreciate it. >> okay. thank you, guys. >> thank you. earl could force some people to change their labor day weekend plans. coming up at 8:00, we'll talk with the ocean city mayor for more on what the popular vacation destinations are doing to get ready for the storm. >> we also have fiona out to the east and a new tropical wave that may develop east of fiona as we get into the weekend. this is the most active time of year.
6:47 am
this is the peak of hurricane season. we thought it would be an active year. >> john made an interesting point. it is just one direction or another. >> they call that the cone of uncertainty. it can vary a couple of hundred miles four to five days out. around here be just heat. we are talking about temperatures once again in the middle 90s. yesterday's daytime high was 96 degrees. today, we are only going to be 95 so a degree cooler. nice start spot day though. the good news is we've been cooling off during the overnight hours the last couple of mornings. currently, 63 out in gaithersburg. 61 for you in manassas. we'll quickly jump to the 70s, 80s and 90s by the noon hour. we are once again going to be enduring the heat. the john mention the trough and the cold front out to the west of chicago that.
6:48 am
will get in here later this week t will hopefully kick earl out of here. we are going to be looking at a lot of heat around here. good news with winds out of the north, that has a tendency to dry out the atmosphere. so humidity won't be terribly bad. here is another look at earl. see how the eye is getting smaller. it is undergoing an eye wall replacement cycle. not likely to intensify a whole lot more during the next couple of hours. it is tracking off to the north and west at about 13 miles per hour and we'll get very close to the carolina coastline by thursday night and friday morning. so that is a major hurricane, likely to remain a major hurricane for the next couple of days. we are under a code code red air quality alert. 95degrees today and tomorrow. there you go, thursday and friday, some clouds associated
6:49 am
with earl. hopefully, we'll get it out of here by early saturday and salvage the weekend. cooler for the weekend. let's get some on-time traffic and lauren demark hoe has the latest for us. >> i am heading to the beach this weekend being tucker. not very excited about early and i can tell you what. folk that are familiar with beach traffic on route 50, not very excited about their delays right now. we've got a tractor-trailer accident on route 50 as you head eastbound. right near 197. we've got delays. we can see that to the right. the two right lanes are actually blocked because of this wreck. we have delays from 301 crane highway as you head westbound on route 50 inbound towards the district. also dealing with some tea lays on the beltway on the outer loop heading past college park. -- also dealing with some tea lays on the beltway on the out are loop heading past college
6:50 am
park. -- on the outer loop heading past college park. 66 eastbound, you have slow traffic getting past centreville and from route other fair oaks past 1. here we are approaching the beltway. there is a new traffic pattern, the lane shift there to the right. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> virginia governor bob mcton el calling for an investigation this wering into the massive computer problems plaguing state agencies. for five days now, all dmv offices in the commonwealth have not been able to issue driver's licenses because of this computer glitch. officials say dmv will not be back online until at least tomorrow. it is not just dmv. a total of 27 state agencies have been affected. most have been pick if you canned but the board of elections are still affected this morning. metro says the e emergency system has been hacked. people are being warned not to click on any links. metro says the messages are fake. we have an alert for
6:51 am
parents. the american academy of pediatrics has changed its flu shot guideline for children. the group says children between six months and nine years old should get a booster shot in addition to the annual flu vaccine. fox news dr. many alvarez says the shot is needed to help boost the child's immune system. >> a lot of it has to do with the kind of response the children have gotten in the past especially if he go every year for their flu vaccine. so it is important also to look at the child's history and the type of response that he or she has gotten in the past from previous flu shots. >> the american academy of pediatrics also says special efforts should be made to immunize anybody who nice vulnerable group, children who suffer from diabetes or asthma as well as pregnant women. calorie counts coming to a theater near you. the government wants to expand knew thrition labels to more than just restaurants. they want calorie counts for any place that offers food like
6:52 am
movie theaters, airplanes, convenience stores. the expanse comes from the new health care overhaul enacted by congress earlier this year. you go to the movies to forget about tough hike -- to forget about stuff like that. >> you have a hans to win tickets to jimmy buffett. all you have to do is answer the trivia question on your screen. >> to enter, go to our web site at the contest is on our entertainment page. can you enter until 10:00 this morning. make sure you read the contest rules online. you must be at least 18 years old. five winners will be select bid random drawing today. the prize of a pair of tickets is provided by live nation entertainment. rihanna gets a big honor today. madam tussaud will unveil a wax figure of the star this morning.
6:53 am
up next, it is an event that has been around for nearly 0 years. >> always something new to learn. holly is a west african dance company to explain. we'll check in with her coming up after the the break. i think it's greatove about how they put politicss union? above my child's education. it's cool how the union makes it almost impossible to fire bad teachers. it's impressive how my dues money supports politicians i don't even like. dc's teachers union has failed our kids, played politics, and now is threatening to file a lawsuit to block recent progress. find out more at thanks, teachers unions.
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>> reporter: good morning, everybody. i'm holly morris. and there will be no hitting of the snooze on this tuesday morning because i have a special wake-up call just for you. [ drumming ]
6:57 am
>> reporter: let's just say that the west african dance company is your alarm clock this morning. it's going through my head as well. they are getting us geared up for the 27th annual west african dance and drum conference going on this weekend. people literally travel from around the country to be a part of the intense workshop that takes place over three days here in and around washington. the dance company has been around for a while and we'll talk with the artistic director about why he started this group and they specialize in west african dance and we'll get a preview this morning. and we'll talk about the special techniques they have. and we'll talk about their theme here, which is circle of
6:58 am
braise blessing. we'll find out what that means early on it tuesday. gurvir. >> holly, thank you so much. we'll see you in just a little bit. high school football season is gearing up and that means the game of the week is back. go to and vote for your favorite. we'll be live at the game on friday. and be sure to catch highlights on glee cast members say they're being treated out of profits from the soundtrack. actor mark thawing said he hasn't received any money and another costar said he's only received $400 and reps for the actors deny any riff. good morning. it's time to say good morning to allison, back from vacation with steve. >> i hope i can read. thank you so much.
6:59 am
we have an east coast alert for you. >> hurricane earl hit the caribbean yesterday. it's now threatening to dump rain on puerto rico and the virgin islands today and it could get even stronger before impacting the united states coastline, including the delmarva beaches. two men under arrest after it is believed they were attempting to pull off a terrorist attack. what was in their luggage coming up. and a new poll out today provides proof that a shake-up is the works and we'll look at mayor's race heating up. fox 5 morning news starts right now. it is tuesday morning, august 31st, 2010. all eyes on the caribbean this morning as we are taking a look at hurricane earl, now a category four hurricane. we'll talk about what impact, if any, it may have on


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